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September 6, 2013
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Letter To The Sentients

And greetings.

As you receive this message,
it's automatically encoded to your native form of communication.

Supposedly, I am one of the lucky ones.
And so are you.

I came in existence in a time where my civilization was prosperous.
Probably one of the only greats of this galaxy.
Born to just another ordinary star on an ordinary planet, different only for being lucky enough to harbor life.
Not a star that was near the great black hole in the middle of the galaxy,
experiencing speeds which warped time and space,
Not a star whose family all twinkled bright and close together,
Instead just another star who's lost to the great expanse of space.

Just like all other beings,
My civilization experienced a great struggle.
We struggled to understand our meaning.
And our place in this universe.
We struggled to tolerate each other, when our planet was all we had.
We thought we were separate from the other lifeforms,
who seem to have lacked the consciousness we found ourselves having.
It took long before we enforced respect to all lifeforms once and for all.

There's no need to go into great detail of the happenings,
it's always the same story.

Eventually we finally found our way.
We worked together in unison for many centuries,
and eventually made technologies that surpassed the strength,
that nature gave us.
We decided to traverse the galaxy and all its beauty,
Visiting the nebulae,
understanding our origins.
We tapped entirely into the intricacies this Universe held,
Which we foolishly ignored for so long.
We were no longer trapped in our minuscule solar system,
even though it was already vast and teeming with unexpectancies.

We became an old species, one of.
Lived long enough to compete with galactic time.
We have yet to know if there are others like us.
Which is why we send out this message.
Finding a species like us, is a task which we have found ourselves..
to induce a feeling more lonely than before.

Instead of our concern being only our species,
as the years went on we focused galactically.
We became a documenting species.
For milleniums, and still today,
we found ourselves harboring a great responsibility,
to look over all life in this galaxy.
Recording all species,
all histories.
All existences.

Although we document nearly all life..
we have still yet to find another species like us.
It's hard to bump into anyone in this vastness.
And this is only our galaxy.

We searched relentlessly for all life in this galaxy.
Visiting every planet, every star.
Even looking in the vast emptiness, hoping that one day,
there might be something there we hadn't seen before.

Studying this galaxy's history, and some of the other civilizations that have been studied in other distant galaxies that had somehow made their way..
Most civilizations seem to fade in and out of existence,
... an insignificant faint flicker.
Never knowing the beauty and connectedness of the Universe.
Never travelling further beyond their own solar system,
perhaps thinking their solar system was only just the Universe.
Never travelling even maybe their own planet.
Their own city,
own boundaried area,
own tribe.
Never knowing their insignificance,
but also their great beauty, even if it was not for long.

Sometimes we'd run into civilizations we found to be absolutely dreadful.
But we never chose to extinguish them.
It's rare that you see life in the vastness of space.
So we let them be.
Extinguishing them only if they ever posed a universal threat to galaxy.
We only hope that one day they'll find their way.

For millions, we'd see the civilizations burn out..
like a star twinkling once and then fading out of existence.
Wishing we could've savored some, maybe.
Wondering if they'd cooperate, never fearing us.
But to beings like us, inevitably hostility is directed towards us.
It's okay.
All beings have a fear of the unknown.

And for everyone,
War seems to be a common factor.
And for those who were lost,
never noticed,
and will never be heard of again,
were lost to themselves.
Lost to their own wars.

We would step and hover onto planets,
where we were too late.
We could see the heaps of destruction creating a faint glow in the atmosphere,
civilizations which almost made it, at the last moment,
extinguished themselves.
Sometimes we would see nothing.
Only up close would we see the destruction, feeling a great weight of sorrow..
for a species that will never be known..

Although we possess technologies to restore extinct species..
Sometimes it doesn't feel the same..
and doesn't bring their passing justice.

We are only one galaxy.
There are billions more galaxies out there, I hope you know.

It's already lonely enough in our little universe, in this galaxy.
I can't imagine how lonely it is out in the spaces between the galaxies.
Where there truly isn't anything.
Where the next stars to be seen seem an atom thick in view.

We are always watching over all life.
Documenting how they are progressing,
willing to protect them from other galactic invaders.
As much as it hurts us, seeing life that was once good,
deciding to take over others in the galaxy,
it is our duty to extinguish them and put them in their place.
We will let all life be.
As long as they let others be.

Soon I will be turning 10 billion years old.
Even now, we have yet found others who have made it to our stage.

We are still searching.
We have the power to go beyond our birth galaxy.
But we continue to still search our own,
Still hoping to see something as time goes on.
Pledging to never leave a species at all that chooses to join the vastness of the cosmos.

You may be confused over this message.
Even after so long, I feel a sense of confusion from it all.

I am just as lost as you are,
in this Universe.

Even being so lucky to possess the ability to travel between the stars..
We are still so lost.


And hopefully,
one day,
together we will conquer the vastness of space..

Maybe one day,
you'll join us.
And make sense of it all.

Seeing the beauty,
Seeing it all,
planet to planet,
star to star.

Giving a faint moment of life to the empty spaces.
An ancient species almost as old as the galaxy sends out a message, to you.

An idea of mine I've always loved to make ^^. Inspired by the stuff I've studied independently in astronomy.

Kinda similar to Halo I guess, the documenting.
I don't know what was running through my mind through making this lol.
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Pengu8 Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Vexcel Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I could be as awesome as the "person speaking"
Pengu8 Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ikr lol but you are
Vexcel Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounddrive Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is gorgeous. It's a great way to wonder as well. X3
Vexcel Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I'm glad the wonder aspect was put across :D
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